We Are Ardent : Bright Shadows From Dark Lights

The definition of ardent is to be “enthusiastic and passionate”.  The second definition is, “burning, glowing”.  In the case of Canadian band We Are Ardent, both definitions are fitting. It foreshadows their beaming and effervescent sound. The band features Josh Brazeau on guitar, vocals and occasional bass,  Kat Kerley on vocals and kalimba, Matt Dalton on bass and occasional guitar, and Justin Brazeau on drums.  On November 15th they will release their latest EP “Bright Shadows From Dark Lights”.

While their musical influences sound vast, one can hear Evanescence, Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins, Vampire Weekend, Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden,  Alice in Chains, and Three Days Grace.  Their sound is at times heavy with grunge and indie rock influences and African polyrhythms.  Beyond that, there’s always a bright undercurrent – something inherently upbeat, optimistic, and promising.  Their sound is exspansive and genre bending giving them the advantage of being able to appeal to rock lovers, heavy metal fans, the indie demographic, and even pop punk listeners.

Born from love, We Are Ardent began with brothers Josh and Justin Brazeau.  And as the story often goes, they met people along the way. In this case, Josh met singer and musician Kat Kerley and the two began dating. Adding a versatile and unique musical palette, each player incorporated their own idiosyncratic ear and tastes and created a cohesive and extensive sound.

“Low” is the first song on the EP.  The double vocals of Josh and Kat are sublime truly complimenting each other.  They use beautiful inflections, smooth tones, and blend exceptionally well.  The duo sings, “Holding on, fading out, I had a smile but I feel a frown.”  The end of “Low” is like an anthem with a chorus of voices repeating the lyrics “I feel low sometimes.  That’s alright you’ll be fine”.  It sets the tone for the EP, setting a precedent of the genuine and conscious music that is We Are Ardent.

In the same vein, “Young and Giants”, the second song on the album is a moment of introspect.  They sing,  “We were young. We were giants.”  Enough space is given in the meaning of their songs.  It allows the listener room to make their own conclusions.  This makes their songs easy to relate to and understand. Their lyrics are not always lengthy yet their brevity is part of the effectiveness.

“Vultures” the fourth song on the EP features Kat on lead vocals. Her voice is smooth, easy to listen to, with subtle cadences and riffs intermixed in her vocal style. She sings with intensity, depth, and sincerity.  There’s something slightly sad in her tone yet triumphant and resolute. This allows her the ability to sing and truly be understood and felt.  It makes her effective at bringing lyrics to life and at attacking the melody – her message comes across.  She is a great vessel for the musical essence of the band.  She indeed sings with passion and fire, her voice glows.  She is ardent.

Overall “Bright Shadows From Dark Lights” is a commendable work with many highs and exciting moments.  My least favorite songs on the EP are “The Time Is Now” and “Nameless”.  “Nameless” has a great chorus but the rest of the song left me a bit unsatisfied.  However, there’s not a bad song on the project.  In all, the entire EP is of quality and worth a thorough listen.  This is an album to download for the Fall.  It’s perfect for a car ride, walking around, and as background music for a get together.  Although, really it’s great for anytime.

I’m excited to hear more from them and to see them live sometime in the future.  Stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.  You can listen to music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Find cool band pictures on their Instagram.   Watch video on their  Youtube page.  And find more information on their website.

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