Lynette Williams

Founder & CEO
Founded in 2012, with the objective of reaching both artists and fans in a new and intimate way, creating a place which elevates us outside our every day lives to celebrate good art, good people, and good times.

This Is Not The Radio is a composite, community of artists and fans who love, support, and collaborate. Be part of the community!


Joel Daniels

Creative Director
Joel L. Daniels is a writer, actor, emcee, story-teller and dreamer, born and raised in the Bronx.  He hosts TINTR shows along with coordinating acts for each showcase. 

He was a recipient of the Bronx Council of the Arts BRIO Award for poetry, and  has been featured in the Columbia Journal, The Boston Globe, Thought Catalog, The Smoking Section, Blavity, Huffington Post, BBC Radio, RCRD LBL, URB, BRM, AllHipHop, The Source, RESPECT, and HipHopDX.


Nicholas Zork

Musical Director
Nicholas Zork is a singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, guitarist and violinist. His classical compositions have been performed by university and festival choirs, and his instrumental music has appeared in numerous television programs. In addition to writing and recording with other artists, Nicholas also performs his own folk-oriented songs. 


Melissa Czarnik

Media Production Specialist
Melissa Czarnik is the Co-Founder of Hyperdrive Motivator Productions, an engaged media company that promotes diversity, equality and empowerment through music and film. She received her Masters in Media Studies from The New School and has more than eight years experience working in Communications, Marketing and Film Production. This is Not the Radio is a passion of hers.  She is also a self titled emcee and poet who believes firmly in music that is made of and for the soul. This is Not the Radio embodies that commitment from its collaborating artists.