The Unlearning Curve

Steve Moore, Kenneth Buck, and Jon Ireson make up Post Death Soundtrack. Originated in Calgary, the Canadian based band is a mixture of Rock , Trip Hop, Psychedelic, and metal. One can hear influences of Massive Attack, David Bowie, Skinny Puppy, and Portishead. Out on may 27th, the band will release their latest 9 song project “The Unlearning Curve”.

Post Death Soundtrack was founded in 2007. They create with the intent of reaching a higher intellect within their music, speaking to those who think deep and want to mull over thoughts and ideas. Their first project was entitled “Ultraviolence”. After taking a three year break, the band has emerged yet again to contribute their artistic perspective through their subtle, deep, and unusual sound.

One of the Highlights on the album is “That Which is”. The lyrics are quite compelling:

“Come become, don’t let it stop you, the noise …
Don’t turn and run, breathe
The flame burns all the while
The power never left,
The mouth still smiles,
Dark passenger could not touch it,
False teacher could not snuff it out.
Disease could not reach it.
All the knives could not cut it down.
Not anxiety, not death, not pain, not regret
That which is unmovable is within, is within
That which is always with you knows the way knows the way”

At moments, certain songs lack a musical range that could set them apart. However, there are amazing moments in this album including on the song “Beauty Eyes I Adore”. It has a surprising beat and harmony, and is an unexpected musical turn of events. Other compelling songs include “Transform in White Light” – the last song on the album. At other times, the songs sound a bit redundant.

Conclusively, there is a clear musical theme within their music that propels one song to another. I believe the message they sing. There’s a sincerity and depth that leaves the listener entrenched and intrigued. Overall, I think this a beautiful Album with some epic moments. Listen to their music on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.  Like their Facebook page here and find images on Instagram.

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