Ships Have Sailed is a Los Angeles based duo.  Today, they release Whispers, their latest EP.  The beauty of this EP is it’s ability to prove the notion that a song stripped down to the very root can be more than enough and is the framework for a good song.  If a tune with minimal instrumentation and vocals can captivate one’s ears, then when remixed or played with a band such songs can simply elevate to a new dimension. Each track is a beautiful ballad thoughtfully sung and genuinely expressed. The entire project exudes a thorough and vast exploration of love and is exceptionally well done.

Songs that stand out include “Out of Time”, “Criminal”, and “Midnight”.  The lyrics to “Out of Time” emanate light saying, “Felt like it was yesterday, you were young and alone and my world shook when I met you.  It’s funny how you tell the way like the walls that you built were the answer to protect you.  And the road it was rough but I’m tough and I didn’t slow down till I found the words brought em’ crashing to the ground.  I will not leave you I won’t forget you, I wanna let you in.  Do you believe me, I will protect you when the dark is closing in. It’s funny how the clouds on our hearts are eclipsed by the stars in our eyes. I just wanna hold ya till the world runs outta time.”  This song proves the notion that, not all love stories must end sadly or torridly.  Some love stories are simply beautiful love songs sung with the utmost sincerity, directness, and simplicty.

Each time I played Whispers, I fell more entranced. A fan of the Postal Service, Bon Iver, and Guster their music has both depth and universal appeal. Though this EP is much more subtle in tone than their previous projects, it has a quiet power and fire about it.  I am a fan of both Will Carpenter and Dan Hange and look forward to hearing the duo’s next project.

I recommend this as a spring download. Stay up to date on their website. Like and follow Ships Have Sailed on Facebook and Twitter. Find videos worth watching on their Youtube channel.  And listen to their music on their Soundcloud page.



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