“Falling” by Totemic

Totemic is a Canadian artist out of Toronto.  May 17th, he will release his EP “Falling”. For those that love EDM, electroacoustic, electronic, and Deep Bass, this project is for you. Intense rhythmic beats, deep bass riffs, melodic mantras, and a repetitive pulse lead to some memorable and compelling moments.

As both a DJ and violinist, Totemic’s live performances are their own reckoning, engaging listeners and fans into a trance like state, completely immersed in the music.  His EP is a beautiful mix of repetition and allure that reels the listener in and engages them to a state of equanimity.  There is comfort in the simplicity and layering of each track, one seamlessly leading into the next.

Currently, Totemic’s music has gained accolades around the world.  This is not surprising considering the beauty and intrigue that his music so well captivates.  I recommend this as a spring download.  Stay up to date on Totemic’s website.  Also listen to music on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.  Learn more on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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