The Black Oil Brothers

The Black Oil Brothers are a Rock band out of Chicago, Illinois.  The band consists of Tim Ryan, Tom Manno, Tony Marietta, and John Action.  Steel guitars, banjoes, mandolins, acoustic and electric guitars, and harmonicas blend together to create a deeply rooted sound evoking the pleasant nostalgia of days when rock was a more pure and honest genre.  One can hear The White Stripes, The Red Hot Chili Peppers,  Clearwater Revival, and Led Zeppelin.  On July 8th, the band will release their latest EP Mean Business – an exciting, soulful, and thrilling musical ride.

Songs that stand out include, Curse O’ My Mind, Free For Now, The Mysterious Disappearance of Rufus Green, and Git Gone. The Black Oil Brothers play the type of music that sits on the soul and resonates. It feels good.  Somehow it’s both heavy and light at the same time.  It’s a mixture of blues, rock, folk, and americana.  The songs are gritty and hard but the lyrics are triumphant, resolute, and deeper than they sound at first listen. Great breakdowns, surprising solos, riffs, and melodies keep this album interesting in its entirety.

I recommend this as a summer download.  Find out more about the band on their website.  Stay up to date on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  Listen to music on their Bandcamp page and watch videos on their Youtube channel.


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