Highland Kites

There is a direct correlation between hardship and art. Each person has their burden to bear.  And artists, true artists wear their trials, shed them, and express them in the form of creating –  be it a song, a painting, a poem, a dance. For artist Marissa Lamar, the journey has greeted her with her very own set of hardships and at the forefront has stood Lyme Disease.  Music became the source of expression, the outlet she so needed to conquer the pain and the setbacks. And beautifully amidst the sorrow arose the makings of Highland Kites’ – a band consisting of Marissa Lamar and Neil Briggs.

On July 22nd, the band will release Let Me Run, a composite of sweet melodies, over dubs, guitars, drums, and strings. It tells the story of perseverance and triumph and though the world can throw curve balls, Highland Kites’ has managed to turn them into beautiful compositions.  Reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, Bloc Party, and Laura Marling, their sound is familiar yet somehow all their own.

On This War Inside Lamar sings, “I can stop this war inside if only I could pick a side as darkness wages it’s war at night. I run towards the light.” There is no doubt an allure to the darkness and sometimes it truly is a decision to settle in the comfort of the dark or fight intensely to return to the beautiful and inherent light. One can hear the turmoil and angst that Lamar so wonderfully sings.  And it’s a great reminder that we have a choice in the end despite the fog and pull of darkness to choose the side we want to live on.

The five song EP is a beautiful journey.  Each songs runs into the next smoothly. Nothing sounds out of place.  It all fits together wonderfully.  I recommend this as a summer download.  Stay up to date on Highland Kites’ Facebook.  Listen to music on their  Soundcloud and  Bandcamp pages. Follow the band on Twitter.  See beautiful pictures on the Instagram page and watch beautiful videos on their Youtube channel.  If you are in LA the band will do a release party at Hotel Cafe on July 23.

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