Lily Lambert is a British born singer songwriter.  Her beautiful voice and melodies compliment her unique delivery and emotive songs.  On July 1st, Lambert will release her latest project entitled Moving On – a beautiful exploration of love, loss, and the aftermath of putting the pieces back together after heartbreak.  The album explores the forlorn feelings that come with loss but it also explores the act of forgiveness – something that’s required in order to move on with one’s life. It’s not particularly easy to pin down Lambert’s sound but one can hear remnants of Nico, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, and Kristin Hersh.

A song that stands out is I Forgive You.  Lambert sings, “I never thought there’d be a time that we would part but far too soon it came.  It’s been a long time coming. I finally feel that I can get my life on track.  I spent a long time hurting, so many days that disappeared into the black.  It’s been a long road healing, but now I’ve made it, I am never going back. So I forgive you. I do. I forgive you.”  Just as powerful as the lyrics is the melody Lambert deftly delivers. Though the theme of the song is melancholy the melody and harmony of the song create a triumphant undertone. It’s the end of an era, but it’s that moment where heartbreak has a turning point and one can finally see to the other side – a beautiful song indeed.

Another beautiful track on the album is Thank You. As I listened to Moving On a few times, each song continued to grow on me.  The deceptively catchy melodies and lyrics made it impossible for me not to sing along.  I actually felt something – something wonderful and joyous.  Perhaps it’s the sincerity with which Lambert sings – no pretension, no falseness, no hidden intention, just a beautiful singer songwriter telling her story. And I’m grateful she did.

Moving On” consists of eight songs – the sweet spot.  It’s enough to familiarize the listener with Lambert but not enough to feel overwhelmed or exhausted.   I recommend this as a summer download. Stay up to date on Lily on her Website.  Listen to new and old releases on her   Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.  Follow her on Twitter and watch videos on her Youtube channel.  See beautiful images on her Instagram pages. Like her Facebook page here as well.



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