Rhawn B ‘Expensive Ignorance’ Review

Rhawn B is based out of Inglewood California. With influences of Kid Kudi, BOB, Kanye West, and The Game, hip hop is his musical home. The production value of his latest project “Expansive Ignorance” released July 1st, is on point. Each song offers a cohesive and united musical sound that is true to his musical message. He speaks of his personal pursuit of success and seeking his dreams. The naysayers and the adversity he faces are just part of the pursuit. It’s music for getting hyped to. It’s great for working out or getting out of a funk on a bad day. If you need to be reminded that we’re in this hustle together, it’s a great listen.

Rhawn B is not the most versatile rapper in style, rhythmic expression, or lyrically. But the tracks behind him often compensate for this. He creates a mood and atmosphere. You can hear California, the grind, and his struggle and triumph. “Just Get to it”, the fourth song on the album is quite catchy. Shawn B raps, “All about my craft, every day I’m on top of it”. He delivers his lyrics in a way that is believable.

One of my favorite components of Hip Hop is it’s ability to be both triumphant and honest to the struggle. Some how, we find a way. We keep going. Life isn’t easy, there are uncertainties, adversity and hard times, but the only way through, is actually through it. Hip Hop when done well reminds me of this human condition and fact. This is true of Rhawn B. The struggle is real, but so is the climb to the top.

“No Guidance” and “Perfect Portion” left me a bit unsatisfied. Again, the production is great but the rhythmic rapping isn’t as strong as the music supporting it. However, some of my favorites on the album are “See it, Want it”. “Stay In My Zone” and “Status Booming”. They stay strong both musically, lyrically, and rhythmically. It’s exciting to see indie artists creating music that is going somewhere. I look forward to seeing where Rhawn B ventures to next.

You can stay up to date on his Facebook page and stream the ten song LP here.



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