“Pay” by Ramsey

LA Based artist Ramsey’s new single “Pay” is a dark and inscrutable, beautiful and intriguing piece of art. Ramsey sings with true passion and pain bringing us into her heartache and torment.  In the same realm as Lana Del Rey, Bjork, Glass Animals, and Portishead, there is a haunting and alluring element to her artistry. It’s well worth a listen.

There is an intimacy to her music.  It’s personal.  She invites us in to experience her deep pain with her.  One can feel this immense bitterness and tension, this discomfort and anger.  She so effectively emanates these emotions through her unusual and compelling voice and her direct and intriguing lyrics.
Ramsey may fall within the pop realm but she has a fervor and vision for her sound.  Since she produces all her material, it creates a very unique experience between her and the listener – a quite amazing one.

I recommend this as a new download.   Listen to her music on her Soundcloud page.  Stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.  And look at beautiful images on her Instagram page.


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