Beauty in the Breakdown (BITB) is a band out of Los Angeles. Chastity Ashely is the front woman. In the realm of world music, dance, EDM, and pop, it’s almost impossible not to bop your head to every tune on their latest project Neon.  One can hear modern acts such as Tove Lo, Evanescence, Halsey, and Hailee Seinfeld.  It is at once modern, retro, surprising, and exhilarating. Dancing seems like the only right thing to do.

Chastity Ashely is not only a singer but a percussionist in her own right. She studied at the Percussion Institute of Technology. Being well versed and quite gifted, she opened for such bands as Aerosmith and Motely Crue. Eventually Ashley became the touring percussionist for Duran Duran. In 2013, she decided to form Beauty in the Breakdown as a means to take her love of percussion and her love of singing and forge them together.

Highlights of the eight song EP are “It’s Not Too Late”,”Deep Love”, and “Around the World (Remix)”. The lyrics of each song are meant to uplift and thrill.  Effectively, its hard not to feel optimistic and hopeful when absorbing this music. BITB’s lends itself to music one hears at dance clubs and music festivals. It is energetic, feel good, dance music meant to be felt in the moment.


For a fun and light download, I recommend this as a spring download.  Listen to the band on their Soundcloud page. Also stay up to date on their website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and watch videos on their Youtube page. Follow their feed on Instagram here.


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