Matt Lande’s ‘Spin’

On October 7th PopWrapped debuted “Spin” by Los Angeles based singer songwriter Matt Lande. The single is off his latest album “Glow” which will be released December 1st of this year.  Lande falls into the pop rock genre.  Richard Marx, the Goo Goo Dolls, Savage Garden, and Daniel Beddingfield come to mind when listening to him. “Spin” sounds as though it could be a radio song of the 90s. However, it also feels relevant now – a song that can exist in different decades.

There’s a sadness which resides inside “Spin”, one that is present in the beautiful melody Lande sings and the harmony created by guitar, bass, and drums.  It also holds an uplifting quality conjuring past memories and experiences.  It feels both like an ode to a woman he adores and yet bittersweet – like love is distant even when close, always a bit unattainable even when held in our arms.  Lande sings, “and she moves with grace, heaven lifts her off the ground”. How often can two beings be close physically and emotionally yet still journeying to find ways in which to settle into each other. That, I suppose is love.

Listen to the single here.  Stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.  Lande’s website is also a great place for more songs and information about upcoming songs.

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