Horse + Chariot

San Fransico based band Horse and Chariot has a retro sound.   One can hear influences of Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Velevet Underground, and The Rolling Stones. Their music conjures a nostalgic feeling of 70s rock. Horse and Chariot’s latest EP Big Treble EP reminds us that solid, feel good music with depth is still around in the midst of a lot of synthetic mush. 

The band consists of Moon-Feather Immortal  on vocals, bass, and guitar.  Michael Papenburg  on lead guitar.  And Sim Cain on Drums.  Moon-Feather Immortal recollects that some of the songs on the EP are 30 years old.  This is not surprising.  The band’s sound has a wise and mature appeal to it.  Moon-Feather’s objective is mainly to create great music and less about touring.  As a recluse he is an inscrutable musical force – one we are lucky to have release new music.

Going Back is one of the songs from the EP.  Moon Feather Immortal delivery is classic and effortless.  The song is super catchy easily stuck in your head and one you can listen to on repeat.  For those of you who love great classic rock, I highly reccomend this EP.  You can buy the EP here.

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