Lucid by Jacob Didas

Jacob Didas is a Hawaiian based artist.  His style is eclectic falling within the alternative Hip Hop realm.  One can hear remnants of ska, reggae, hip hop, and even punk.  On November 22nd of last year, Didas released his latest project Lucid.  The 10 song Album shows a wide range of compositions intermixing classical with pop, hip hop with reggae, and something quite unexplainable.  Didas reminds us that having a novice feel isn’t always a bad thing – sometimes a raw unrefined sound can bring out the truth and uniqueness of an artist.

Didas plays all the instruments on the album.  He also produced all the tracks.  Highlights of the Album include track, Deluded. What’s refreshing is hearin an honest and thoughtful song about the state of the world.  Didas sings of the chaos surrounding us and trying to find ways to rise above the madness.

Perhaps it’s Didas’ own struggles that enable his music to be so honest.  Didas himself has journeyed trials and tribulations that clearly have contributed to his musical aesthetic.  He raps truth yet creates triumphant music.  And what better way to heal than to express it through music?  Glad Didas has decided to.

If you like Rap, ska, punk, and reggae this is definitely worth a listen.   I’m excited to hear more from him.  You can stream Lucid  here.  You can also find Didas on Facebook and his website

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