Iodine – Cashavally Morrison

Cashavelly Morrison’s music tells stories. A mix of folk, Americana, and country you can hear remnants of Appalachian folklore songs.  She has been compared to the likes of Gillian Welch, Neko Case, and Lucinda Williams.  Their latest video is for single,  Iodine.   It is beautifully shot.  It is also beautifully performed and danced.  A true feat – the video does the depth and poignancy of this song justice.

At the commencement we watch a mourning mother.  We hear children in the distant background.  But shortly after hearing traces of children in the background, it becomes completely silent.   She imitates the motions of rocking a baby and then giving a baby a bath.  But these are only imitations as there is no baby to be found.  Eloquently, dancer and choreographer Dominica Greene brings to life the depth and pain of mourning a child through her fluid and and languid movements.

Cashavelly Morrison sings “My son he cannot hear me. In the end I’ll speak his last words.  Soak my baby’s shirt in white.  And mend his injuries with thread and iodine.” Such lyrics truly paint the picture of a mother who lost her child to gun violence.  The weight, the vexing and maddening nature of such a loss is fully expressed through both the visuals and the song itself.  Dominica Greene throughout the entire video holds a tender resilience – she is strong – a force of beauty amidst grief and loss.  You can watch the full video below.

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