Chameleon Technology | Blank Canvas

One man band Chameleon Technology is fronted by Max Histrionic. He released his latest project Blank Canvas on August 5th.  In the realm of pop punk, rock, and alternative music, Chameleon’s sound is similar to Green Day, The Offspring, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Impressively, Chameleon plays every instrument on the EP – the drums,  bass, guitar, and of course the vocals. From Mesa California, Chameleon’s sound has a west coast feel to it – it’s grungy and raw, yet structured  and developed. Each track has moments of unique dynamics and breaks.  The third song on the album Lifestyle Science is a highlight on the EP.  It’s catchy and upbeat.  Chameleon’s vocal performance stands out as well.

The EP is certainly cohesive. But in the end, Blank Canvas feels a bit contrived and overthought. It feels more like an almost but not quite than a hitting the nail on the head. There could be more authentic originality and a more personalized feel in the execution and production. Chameleon’s actual songwriting has something and I would like to hear more.

It’s  great to be talented, perhaps even gifted, but it’s taking these elements and turning them into one’s own true and authentic voice that sets the good from the great and it’s what makes the masters of their craft. He is close to finding his voice, his next EP very well could be closer.

What would this project sound like acoustically? Just Chameleon, his guitar, his voice, and his personal delivery?  What would be born out of the simplicity?  Perhaps that uniqueness would shine through more without hiding underneath a plethora of instrumentations and sounds.  I really don’t think he needs it.

For those who like punk, rock, and pop this could be an album you enjoy.  It most certainly is a nice stepping stone for Chameleon as he continues on his musical journey and cultivates an even better, more individual, personalized sound along the way.

Check out Chameleon’s website for more information.  Listen to music on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.  And stay up to date on Chameleon’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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