Ali Carter

Ali Carter is a sensitive and beautiful singer songwriter.  So sweet and lush, her voice conjures emotions of both joy and pain.  You can hear the remnants of Billie Holiday as she delivers her lyrics in a very unique and meaningful way. Yet one can also hear something that’s quite like Judy Garland.  She slides in and out of notes and evokes such pure emotion that it’s quite captivating.  Her latest project Songs of Longing actually leaves a lingering feeling of longing.  It’s that feeling of love and loss that leaves us feeling wanting – wanting for whatever it is that person gave and the connection that existed between souls.

The album is elegantly sparse at times highlighting Ali’s ukulele, the beautiful bass, and other instruments interspersed.  Ali’s voice stays at the forefront of each mix.  And this is where it belongs.  Her voice and authenticity is what makes each song everything that it is.  All the other instruments are just bonus.  The album has a beautiful, inscrutable, and touching aesthetic. It is well rounded, rich, and full.

Amidst the current plethora of uninspired synthetic music flooding the radio and Youtube, some artists remind us that good music was never lost and you can find it with a click of your mouse if you know where to look.  And now you do. I highly recommend this album. I cannot wait to hear what else we will hear from this magical artist.  Check out her Instagram, Twitter, and website.  Listen here.

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