On June 5th, singer Anna Ross released her latest track First Day.  It’s no surprise that Ross has worked with the likes of Tina Turner as her voice is compelling and powerful.  It conjures the era of Midtown soul — solid, strong, with a captivating quality.  There are currently two versions of her latest single. While both are memorable and well produced, I gravitate towards the mix done by Scott.  There is a retro quality in her musical aesthetic that reminds me of the dance hits of En Vogue, Brownstone, Xscape, Zhane, and Deborah Cox.  This is a very good thing as it gives her music a very timeless and lasting quality.

Ross has garnered quite a name for herself opening for the likes of Durand Durand while also working with artists like Stereophonics and Tom Jones.  She’s even featured on Durand Durand’s last three records, traveling and playing with them on late night shows, talk shows and more. Anna is from England — home to some of the best musicians and music yet created.  Her latest track proves that the UK continues to be a staple in the world of good music.  First Day is triumphant, honest, and an easy listen with interesting rhythmic breaks and  compelling lyrics.

If you like dance pop, I highly reccomend giving Ross your ear. You can find out more info on Anna’s Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Watch videos on her Youtube channel.  Here is a link to her Pledge campaign.

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