On July 21st, artist Nescora will release his latest project Some Place Some Where.  Manhattan bred, his music has a certain aesthetic – raw yet refined. In the realm of folk, singer-songwriter Nescora’s music tells stories and paints pictures. It paints the simple everyday moments of life in a poetic and mystifying way.

Nescora has known success in a few different forms.  He has journeyed to different places – had different professions.  These experiences in some way have shaped his entire songwriting as it is completely his own — his stories, his thoughts to tell.  As a child, Nescora won the Apollo Amatuer night six times in a row.  He later moved to Puerto Rico even being recruited for the Olympic basketball team.  He’s excelled in a wide array of realms – and inscrutably his music reflects this.

Highlights on the album include Together Pray, Together Play, Krazy Over U, and Mini Coop.   Follow Nescora on Twitter.  You can also follow him on Instagram.  Stay up to date on his website and like his Facebook page here.

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