Adam Winn has a voice that lingers in the depths of your mind and then somehow seeps into your heart and before you know it you feel it in your bones and in the base of your soul.  There’s nothing dishonest or pretentious, nothing about Winn that’s trying to prove his talent, and there’s nothing overly exhausted or contrived.  He’s the kind of artist that belongs on Spotify indie playlists — the kind of artist people should be perpetually stumbling upon not even expecting to hear something so authentic that day in that moment.  A storyteller, Winn paints pictures with lyrics but truly creates a scene with his deeply pained, intangible, and inscrutable voice.

Sometimes you want to be haunted.  Haunted by the ghosts that live unresolved in our subconscious, the ghosts of loves that left us.  There’s a solace as we grieve the loss of something or someone.  And the presence of a spirit, a lingering feeling can be one of comfort.  This is the essence of Winn’s latest EP — his voice, his songs they are haunting and haunted but so beautifully so.  Introspective, sincere, journeyed are a few of the words that come to mind when listening to him.

Winn released his latest project ADAM WINN EP on June 29th.  His sound falls within the realm of Gin Blossoms, Sister Hazel, Spin Doctors, and Toad The Wet Sprocket. Though Winn’s album is more acoustic he stands among these artists in songwriting and musical delivery. You can listen to Adam on his Bandcamp page.  For more info follow Winn on his Facebook page.

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