30 Cents

Eli Raybon shot a video for his single 30 Cents.  The entire EP entitled Green will be released on June 23rd.  Raybon’s sound falls within the same realm as Eurythmics.  The genre is indie pop rock, a bit psychedelic, and a bit avante-garde.  In fact this very song reminds me of Sweet Dreams.  The music video is beautifully shot almost like a film – vibrant colors of green and yellow give the cinematography a unique and compelling aesthetic.   There is something quite dreamlike that lingers on throughout the entire music video – 30 Cents is a visual masterpiece.

Interestingly, Raybon is known for remembering the most minuscule and detailed aspects of his dreams at night.  As we watch the video unfold we soon see that it’s shot in reverse as if being rewinded. This includes the credits that are shown at the commencement of the video. Raybon sings “I had a dream I lost mind…”,  as the film unfolds backwards, it surely makes these words ring true.

I found Raybon’s video to be a refreshing and unique expression of his song.  It is youthful and intriguing, raw and refined.  If this is a foreshadowing of what is to come with his release of Green, we are all in for a treat.

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