Jihad du Jour

Lately, it seems like a frequent occurrence, violence and hate in the name of extremism masked behind religion.  Too many people have been deeply impacted by what seems to be the pull of a dark force at be. It’s infuriating but also befuddling. Somehow we as a world seem so disconnected from each other, so deaf to one another’s voices that we find violence to be a suitable and necessary form of communication.  Hundreds of thousands of years and we’re still assuming that war and death are the only things people will understand.   It’s a deadly, futile, and unnecessary means of communication.  We are all born and bred of the same bone and blood and until we treat each other like the one tribe we are, we will continue to kill for no reason.  We will try to be heard in this chaotic and inscrutable world but only create more madness.

November 26th of last year, artist ds|fečo released his latest single Jihad du Jour.  He discusses the present state of affairs saying ” the vigilantes of religion ride out to kill for their heaven of no compromise … go on pick up on your gun they’re calling you to your jihad du jour … ” .  I believe in protest art and I think it is so very necessary.  Art can be a healing form of expression even bridging the gaps among humans and where we stand on all our separate sides.  

Artist ds|fečo conspicuously paints a picture with his words and music.  It’s at times so frightening to listen to that I needed to take a break.  There’s something significant in that.  The magnitude of violence is staggering perhaps music like this helps reiterate the complete and utter horror of Isis and other extremist groups.  Because of it’s hardened musical aesthetic, ds|fečo may lose listeners as it’s hard to imbibe all at once.  However, I appreciate his passion and zeal, conviction and indignation at the current and perpetual state of affairs and am grateful he’s so brave as to speak his piece.

If you’re feeling as outraged as so many of us are sit down and ibibe the lyrics and sounds of ds|fečo for your ears and mind.  Stay up to date, like, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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