A Review: Jordan Okrend’s ‘Go My Way’

Jordan Okrend released his latest music video, “Go My Way” on September 22nd. The New York based singer songwriter has been playing from a young age. He attended Berklee College of Music where he released his projects “Unpredictable” and “Rising Up”. Sonically Jordan’s sound is rooted in acoustic soul, blues, folk, and rock. His music is comforting.  Hope is brought to life by his socially conscious lyrics. Okrend aims to uplift and encourage the listener and perhaps most importantly himself.

New York City is the stage to many performers and artists. There are stages just walking through city streets, down to subway stations, sitting in parks, glimpsing at murals on walls, and roaming through Times Square.  New York has a vibrancy and electricity. So it’s fitting that Okrend uses these scenes in his music video.

Okrend sings, “Even though the world has gone crazy, something’s going to go my way.” The intensely populated city, one where many hustle, have multiple jobs, work hard in order to conquer their dreams, is the perfect setting for this song. Most New Yorkers can relate to the grind and struggle it is to live in this vast city, yet also the courage and commitment it takes to keep going. New York is full of people who truly believe “Something is going to go their way”.

Shot and directed by Alan McIntyre Smith the cinematography is quite lovely. It’s amazing that as Okrend sings, barely anyone seems to notice him or look in his direction. This is true to how it is in New York. Fashion shoots, films, and performances happen all the time and people pass by without even stopping to look. With so many people, it’s easy to get lost, to feel invisible. In the case of this video, it feels like the only person in the city is Okrend. There are bodies and people, but this is Okrend’s story and for the two minutes and fifty four seconds it lasts, that’s all that matters.

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featured photo by: Lynette Williams

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