The Music Sounds Better With Whom?

How does Artificial Intelligence influence our human existence? This is a concept, still new, but ever present in our everyday lives. As this vastly evolving technology increasingly effects how we live, one may ask how will music and art be impacted as well?

The Music Sounds Better with Whom? is a short documentary that explores this very notion. Are humans going to be less imperative in creating art? From djing, to producing, to writing and creating music? Can AI make artistic choices that are as good or even better than humans can?

There are certain components of art that are intangible and inscrutable. Each human carries a soul, mind, body, and heart. Artists translate the human condition into art – and people imbibe this art for meaning, for escape, for ecstasy.

The documentary hypothesizes about how AI will influence art – perhaps the future of AI in music will be used more as a tool, able to help creatives find new ways of thinking about their art and new ways of creating their art. But can it truly replace humans?

As technology evolves, the question of humanity’s place and purpose are always at the forefront? The balance of finding technology that increases human’s ability to function and live while not overpowering our humanity is an ongoing struggle.

Sometimes we find there is too much technology based influencers in society, and sometimes such tools are simply misused and over used. With AI, what is the balance? This documentary poses the idea that perhaps instead of replacing artists, AI can be a collaborator for djs to better create playlists for their audiences, for producers to better understand new ways of producing, for musicians to better create art in a new way.

We cannot run away from what’s coming at us full force. But we can ask questions and utilize the technologies we’re faced with to better understand our art, our creativity, our humanity, and our society.

The documentary has won acclaim, winning Best Documentary at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival. Directed by Chasson Gracie, in black and white, we take a tour through the world of music. With captivating interviews, we begin to better understand the intellectual and philosophical side of AI and the future of art.

Thoroughly thought through and executed, this short documentary film, is a compelling and exciting video to watch. To see the trailer, please see below. Find out more on Gracie’s website. Follow him on Twitter.

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