Red Man | HOPE

Hope is the title of the powerful and heartfelt album from up and coming rapper Red Man. Released July of this year, it has all the makings of a real and true artist.  He has something deep to say.  Are our ears open? A first nation indigenous person from British Columbia, Red Man doesn’t mince words. He is honest, direct, and poetically on point.

It’s a new day, a time for those who our societies time and time again have pushed down rise up and be heard. Such voices since the beginning of time have spoken truths – a truth that those in power have ignored, silenced, and beaten to desolate isolation.

Those who have suffered for so many years, so many decades and centuries, it is time for such voices to be heard louder than the masses, louder than the one percent, louder than all the static surrounding.

Red Man’s album speaks to his existence as a first nation, indigenous person in Canada and in this world. Growing up in a reserve witnessing the fentynal crisis, having people close to him suffer from alcoholism, and watching women in his family and community literally disappearing, vanishing from sight, paint a vivid picture that are at the core of his songs.

Red Man takes his experience and creates a cohesive and captivating collection of songs that is not simply current to his life but musically current and breathtaking at times.  His songs have pain and anger, sadness and frustration, but they ring true and always have an underlying feeling of triumph and resilience.  No body can break his soul – music like this makes for greatness.

To find out more about this powerful artist, visit his website.  Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Listen to more music on Soundcloud.  Watch more videos on his Youtube Channel.

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