Resurrection Fern is a folk singer songwriter. Released September 27th, Coffee is her latest single. Based out of the Nashville area, her songwriting is unsurprisingly like so many greats that have come out of there – thought provoking, deep, introspective, genuine, and beautiful.

Fern sings, “Coffee rings on the shelf. Writing messages to myself. About who I’m supposed to be. The fight against probability. I try to be me, what I think I need. Escape the machine, find a way to make it seem, like I, like I don’t care...” Her lyrics woven together with angst and frustration, resolve and resignation, with deep inner thought and pain, and with a concrete and resounding resolution.

She sings about finding her way through life, against the machine that will try its best to get us all down. Coffee is about staying true to one’s self against all odds – and there are always odds. There are always obstacles both inwardly and outwardly that would have us halt our dreams, our goals, our greatness. Fern poetically and movingly sings about just this and how the fight continues each day within us. Will we move forward? Will we not give in to that daunting thing called the machine that tries to bring us down? I hope we all fight another day.

Artists that come to mind are Julia Stone, Lea Micthell, Sarah Blasko, Seeker Lover Keeper, Sally Seltmann, Holly Thorsby, and Clare Bowditch. Her indie pop, folk sound is easy on the ears and touching to the heart.

Learn more about Ressurection fern on her website. Listen to more music on the platform Twitch. Follow her on Twitter. Watch videos on her Youtube Channel.

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