The Camino Side Project · Something About Home

Paul Farran is the man behind the band The Camino Side Project. We here at TINTR are big fans of his folk, Americana, alternative, singer songwriter magic. When we heard about his latest single Something About Home, we were eager to review it. Released July 26th of this year, Farran again takes us on an engrossing, spellbinding, poignant, storied, and layered musical journey.

One can hear influences from Simon & Garfunkel, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Police, and The Pretenders. Other influences heard include The Shins, Rogue Wave, Fleet Foxes, The Tallest Man On Earth, Iron & Wine, and M. Ward. There is a mysterious and maze-like quality that makes his sound unboxed and boundless.

Farran manages to create an aesthetic rooted in music from the past – beautifully nostalgic and delicious food for the soul. Yet, he also manages to create a brand new soundscape that honors his personal spirit and experiences – rooted in the present. The combination of these two components lends itself to a very special and captivating musical style.

Strings, guitar, and double octave vocals leave the ear curious, delightfully confounded, wanting more, not quite knowing where this song will go – where it will take us. His lyrics touch the soul. They speak to the mind with both wisdom and intellect. His music holds an intrinsic intuition – a reminder of what we all hold within. His words are effervescent, vibrant, lost, spirited, introspective, deep, and unknown.

As Farran sings his song, we wander along with him. We follow him as he leads his journey. For a moment, we are connected to his personal plight. Evenmore, he reminds us that we are connected to the universal plight of what it means to be human – on an ever-evolving quest for meaning, for purpose, and for true life.

The Camino Side Project is set to release his impending EP North Americathis October. From listening to Something About Home, we have a feeling it’s going to be as fulfilling and deep as his latest single.

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