R.W. Roldan · Can You Feel This

R.W. Roldan is a singer songwriter who spent his childhood traveling around from place to place – a nomad of sorts. As a true artist, over the years he has learned how to use his personal truths and anecdotes to create unique, reflective, and introspective art.

Roland out of necessity coped with his trying and difficult childhood by becoming a true raconteur. This captivating and compelling capacity is fully heard through his latest album – Can You Feel This, which was release on August 17th of this year. The thirteen track album is a beautiful exploration of life and meaning.

Now located in California, this alternative, Americana, singer songwriter has truly lived. And his lyrics from the very first song prove this to be true. A narrator, Roldan weaves together his personal experience through song bringing to light the triumphs and pitfalls we all face along the way.

Good songwriting is timeless. Roland proves this time and time again with each song on his album. Everything from love, to God, to hell, to church, to Greyhound buses are explored. With an undertone of playfulness and light-heartedness, he touches on so many cornerstones of life – a beautiful way to investigate the many layers and unknown dimensions we find ourselves in each day.

A song that truly stands out is Those Who Fall. Roland sings, “Why does heaven have gates at all … When hell is open for those who fall.” Though the lyrics are simple, they say so much about life and the constant battles we fight within ourselves and with the world around us.

To hear more music please go to can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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