Aaron Beri

On January 3rd of this year, model and singer Aaron Beri released his single Naked. It easily falls somewhere within the realm of pop – sounding like he is highly influenced by Simply Red, Terence Trent D’Arby, Seal, and George Michael. Naked is an homage to R&B from earlier times. He successfully creates a soundscape of the 90s while creating a musical aesthetic that still feels relevant today.

Not only did Beri release his single, he also released a music video. Beautifully shot, Naked uses deep and vibrant colors to paint a picture. Orange, red, yellow, and blue are often used as background colors. These deep colors add a layer to his melody and song. The cinematography is modern, retro, and beautiful simultaneously.

Perhaps a bit contrived, both the song and music video feel forced. There is an indescribable essence that perhaps this is not his most authentic artistry. However, beyond that, his visuals are striking. Beri is interesting to watch and compelling. He sings with passion and sensuality, and he reels you in with his performance. The melody, especially in the chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to.

Naked is both a song full of wanting and yearning, but also delight and anticipation. Beri successfully creates a musical aesthetic that seems perfect for the times – I can imagine many people truly enjoying his sound and style.

Learn about dates and more on his website. See images and more on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Listen to more music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Watch videos on his Youtube channel.

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