Take Me Back – This Is Northwoods

Northwoods is a singer, songwriter, and producer based out of LA. His music is a beautiful composite of retro 80s sounds and present day indie pop vibes. Artists that come to mind include 1975, Pale Wales, Hunny, Vacation Manor, LANY, No Rome, Honne, and flor.

On Friday, May 29th, Northwoods released his first single entitled Take Me Back”. This track is a beautiful four minutes of bliss. I immediately felt nostalgic, transported back to a time in my life when I felt free. I envisioned myself in a car, with the windows down, blasting music, feeling the wind against my face. I saw a highway, flying by, with nothing on my mind but pure happiness.

As I listened I was reminded, that somehow the most precious moments are often simply passing time with the people we love. “Take Me Back” transported me to a time when worry was dulled and aliveness ever present. And I remembered a time when doing nothing with friends was the only objective of the day.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that more than ever, I have needed to fight to hold onto my inner child. To not forget how to have joy, to be present in life, and to savor the sweetness of each moment we have with ourselves in this world, and with the people we hold so close to our hearts.

As we enter the summer, this song is my anthem. To listen please check out Northwoods’ Spotify, Itunes, Apple, and Bandcamp page. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and find important upcoming dates and releases on his website.

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