Released March of this year, Connect is a cultivated and introspective look into the artistry and soul that is Ekhtronic. Perhaps it’s the beautiful muddying of somber sounds amidst an undying optimism in something. That something is intangible, je ne sais quoi, and hard to articulate. That something is a pulse within his songs, a beautiful and calling sound. That something is a nostalgic and ever-present look into both the past and the future – into the great, great, unknown.

Life is inscrutable – we walk altogether, while walking all alone. There are certain cosmic questions that continually revolve around the inner workings of our minds and souls. At the forefront of these revolving questions is this question – What is love?

Love may be the biggest feat (I can’t say, but it seems so to me). And how can we measure love? The love we have for others and the love we show ourselves? Maybe it’s measured through our bravery to keep trying again. Or perhaps it’s simply the bravery of believing in it through it all. This album made me feel for a minute that these revolving questions and the uncertainty of life are ok and perfectly divine.

Connect is a beautiful collection of songs. They make me want to dance in a field and lay down and look up at the stars. Ekhtronic’s sound is a beautiful mixture of highs and lows, big and mellow vibes – making for an adventurous, uplifting, and at times sad and deep journey.

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