Delyn Grey · Battle

Singer songwriter Delyn Grey released her latest single Battle on January 20th. The music video is an intimate and straight forward portrait of a beautiful young woman singing about her truth and her story. Captivating with both her performance and the melody of her song, we watch Delyn communicate and translate her pain into art.

The music video has almost a 90s feel. Set in black and white, in an empty and run down room, we watch Delyn sing and beautifully translate how depression has propelled her into a dark and ever consuming world. She searches for answers amidst the anguish and seeks meaning within the misery. Her face full of expression, watching her gives the viewer strength and faith.

For those who have suffered from the debilitating and often unbearably heavy feeling of depression, this song will hit close to home. Delyn’s beautiful voice and face paint a picture of triumph and resolve. Despite the often drowning feeling that accompanies depression, there’s always hope. We all need hope.

We here at TINTR will be eagerly waiting for more from this young artist. We need storytellers. We need brave artists willing to show their humanity. Gray does all of this in Battle.

Find out more about Delyn Gray on her website. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Watch more videos on YoutTube.

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