Hey Maria by Sara Ontaneda

Sara Ontaneda is a beautiful singer songwriter based out of New York. Released August 26th, Hey Maria is Ontaneda’s latest single. From the first note it is clear, Sara sings with heart. Though at first listen Hey Maria falls within the realm of jazz, pop, and R&B, upon further exploration, one can hear folk, Americana, soul, and rock and roll.

Her sweet, eccentric, subtle yet powerful, and supple voice has a timbre and delivery falling among artists like Corrine Bailey Rae, Emily King, Amel Larrieux, Goapele, and Chrisette Michele. Sliding in and out of notes with an innate and uncanny ease, Sara creates a dreamy musical aesthetic. She commands our attention with her voice’s tone and the effortlessness with which she executes each word, each note, and each ever-flowing melody.

Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful and effective way to express one’s thoughts. As the song unfolds, there is not an abundance of lyrical, melodic, or rhythmic changes. But happily so – each note, each beat, each word falls exactly where it should be. There is an overall feeling of comfort, solace, hope, resolution, and resolve.

Listen on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Find pictures, tour dates and more on Sara’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page.

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