Birds Fly, Trees Fall · Toni Sidgwick

We here at TINTR have been following singer songwriter Toni Sidgwick since we heard her single Try last year. Captivating, tender, a maze of emotions, deep, and calling – her voice has a stunning timbre. Her songs haunt as much as uplift – they linger deep on the soul and ruminate longingly in the head.

Her voice, melodies, and alluring songwriting fall amidst the masterful, emotive, and breathtaking sounds of artists like Sinéad O’Conner, Kate Bush, Natalie Merchant, Shan Colvin, Indigo Girls, Joan Osborne, Sarah McLachlan, Lisa, Loeb, Jewel, and Tori Amos.

Sidgwick’s latest single is called Birds Fly, Trees Fall, released September 2nd. It is a beautiful love song – a story of not being there when we are needed most, but always trying our best to be there now. She sings with yearning and intent, “Birds fly, trees fall, I ran when I heard your call. I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t stops stars from, I couldn’t stop stars from going out.”

In a time where the fate of our future as a world and on this earth is unknown, her latest single feels more relevant than ever. The lyrics leave room for imagination. Toni could be singing about a lover in trouble. But the lyrics could also be about the planet we live on screaming for our help.

What happens in this very moment, when the earth needs us? Will we heed her call? It is now or never. There is no tomorrow. There is only today. A time for introspection, for self awareness, and for change. What better way to call to action us humans than to hear beautiful words aching with pain and sorrow, but full of solace and hope. Sidgwick further sings, “Everybody says when you know, you know, you know, you know, you know. Take me with the wind and I will go, I will go…”.

She weaves together words and melody to create a song worth listening to on repeat. A magical composite of forethought, examination, and love. Her lyrics are a mantra, one we would all fare well to join along in singing together.

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