Apache Rose · Tiny Love

Apache Rose is a Moscow based rock and roll band. On October 8th of last year they released their debut single Tiny Love. For music lovers of bands like The Foo Fighters, Bush, Seven Mary Three, Kings of Leon, The kooks, and Circa Waves, Apache Rose is a great fit. Their latest single is a hard hitting, soul smashing, groovy, fun, and introspective tune.

Full of light, Tiny Love is an homage to epic rock songs that came before. Double vocals, double guitars, harmonies, and repetitive lyrics create a great musical atmosphere. Thirty seconds into the song, and it’s hard not to sing along. It feels good on the soul, sits comfortably on the ears, and rings true in the mind. Before long it’s hard not to listen to this tune over and over again. Almost like a mantra, Tiny Love is a song of epic proportions.

We here at TINTR are fans of this up and coming band. We strongly suggest adding Tiny Love to your next Spotify and Soundcloud playlists. Find out more about the band on their Soundcloud page. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Watch videos on their Youtube page.

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