Dead Friends 46 – Hardcore

From the very first note, Dear Friends 46 possesses a passion and fire that is undeniable.  Their lyrics are deep introspective on both an individual and collective consciousness level.  This is no ordinary band.  The album successfully explores topics ranging from death to social issues of our day.  A wildness and sense of wonder seeps into every song on their latest album Hardcore, released December 1st of this year.

This Southern Californian band is a mixture of punk, metal, and heavy rock. Upbeat tempos, loud guitar and vocals brings each track to life. Perhaps it is a resilience that can be heard in their lyrics.  There is something about their style that creates tension, reveals life’s struggles, but also is defiant to defeat.

This is not surprising since the band has found a way to thrive despite each members personal struggles.  Their songs are somehow uplifting and intellectually appealing.  The unusualness of their sound adds a nice layer to their overall musical aesthetic.

If you like Punk Rock, I highly recommend this as a winter download.  To learn more about the band check out their Website and Facebook page.  Listen to more of their music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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