The Interview Series – Amir Hamed

I was recently introduced to multi-medium artist Amir Hamed. He shared some of his poetry and art with me and I found it beautiful, expressive, and creative.

In honor of that, I interviewed him to learn more about how he thinks and what inspires him.

What inspires you?

I am typically inspired by the sound of silence, alongside anything that is put in motion, from birds in the sky, to people dancing. Even still photos or any type of art is an inspiration in my daily life. Not to mention lyricists and EDM DJ’s heavily influence my inspiration as well. 

How do you cope with the unknown?

I cope with the unknown by channeling my breath. Once I have a grasp on what I can control I remind myself to not let fear control my reactions to that which I am not aware of. 

What are you reading these days?

I am currently reading a book called “High Magick” by Phillip H. Farber. 

What are you watching these days?

I am currently watching Scooby- Doo Mystery Incorporated on Netflix. It truly brings me childlike joy. I still love a good horror movie from time to time. I also recently watched a few things including Sabrina, The Order, & Dark 

What are you listening to these days?

I tend to listen to a lot of Dubstep. I also really enjoy acoustic tracks as well. Anything with piano has my heart from the jump.  

Who are some of your favorite authors, poets, artists, dancers, musicians?

As for authors the late Aleister Crowley has been a major influence. Poets I can honestly say I don’t read much poetry but if I had to choose one Edgar Allen Poe. As far as artists Yoshi Yoshitani, and Fabio Listrani. As for Dancers Alessia Leoncina is amazing as well as any and all Rhythmic Gymnasts definitely a favorite of mine. Musicians would include Sherry St. Germain of (Akylla), as well as RIELL, I can also say my DJ buddy’s Jeff, Shayne, and Jay (RMNCE). 

What do you hope to impart on people through your artistry?

I hope to impart inspiration, as well as virtue, strength, acknowledgment, universal love, the choice of happiness, and the one that calls to me the most; Transformation. 

Where are you from?

I have lived all over I currently reside in good Ole’ Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in upstate central New York and I lived in Vegas for a while. I consider Vegas to be home despite all the intriguing experiences I witnessed. 

Where can people find you online? 

I am discoverable on Instagram.

Selected Poems: 

Will I go insane? 
My mind elevating to a different plane 
Quantum fields 
Grids of light 
Never went down without a fight 
Surrendering to myself 
Focusing on my internal 
Well being inside 
Confidently knowing I don’t have to hide 
Side by side 
Masculine divine makes me shine 
Feminine empowerment teaching me grace 
What truly lies behind each others face 
It is an experience worth while 
You don’t see just by walking a single mile 
A million more to go 
No one said to go fast; wearing yourself out so just go slow 
Now you’re truly in the flow 
Past the idea of limitations 
Take a look at all your creations 
Transmitting from different space stations 
Star seeds unite 

Complex ascension 
Life isn’t about a pension 
Swallowing pride 
Being denied 
Vulnerable dissection 
Linear is not a direction 
Everyone deserves affection 
Something without an erection 
Faster than the speed of light 
Strength of might 
A heart gone through septic 
Virus to thee 
We only choose our capacity to see 
Depth is an art 

City sounds 
Not limited by bounds 
Nothing imposed 
Finding my place 
What once was a disgrace 
An Angel with wings 
The silence sings 
Healthy foundation 
Galactic council 
Universal federation 
Exploring each space station 
No correlation 
Created equal 
Get ready for the sequel 

Rise from the dead 
Watch them all turn a head 
Looking for solace 
Protection for all
Chasing starlit 
Directional stance 
Nobody stands a chance 
Something celestial 
Warping my mind 
Swimming backwards in time 
Full force ahead 
Lying in bed 
Days like this I do not dread 
Was it something that I said? 
I’m alive 
Nothing can divide 
Starseeds unite 
Codes of activation 
No complication 
Take a vacation 
No one to run the scene 
Play it back! 
Full screen 
They will scream 
They will cry 
No one wants to see anyone else die 
That’s what we get for living a lie 
Call it a tie 
Using the truth to uncover 
So much more to discover 
Take my hand let’s fly 
Say our goodbyes 
Here come the tides 
No more disguise 
Party to earth 
Light the hearth 
Burn the man 
This was a master plan 
Collectives of all backgrounds and race 
Nothing left to chase 
Floating in infinite space 
No lace 
Just a human face 
Changing with the moon 
Nothing comes too late or too soon 
Blazing like the sun 
We are one 

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