Betty Moon Interview

We here at TINTR have been covering Betty Moon’s career for years – since we first heard about her. She has consistently and continuously released music that speaks to the soul and body at once. Moon’s music is layered – it may seem like pop at first listen, but upon further exploration, there is an abundance of overlapping genres, emotions, and musical harmonies.

Something about her combination of lyrics, compelling rhythmic beats, and her overall unique musical style makes it irresistible and downright epic. Moved to dance, moved to think, moved to feel joy, anguish, and pain, her music is rich with depth as much as it is with pure delight.

We decided it was time to interview the songstress / artist to learn more about who she is and what truly matters to her.

The interview is below.

How long have you been creating music?

I was fortunate to have music in the family so since I was a little girl. Professionally, I would say since I was a teenager. I was determined to make it work during a time when most kids have no idea what life may hold as a career. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but music was my path and still is to this day.

Who are your main influences?

Classic rock, 90s alt rock, electronic and even some newer bands in most genres. I’m also pretty eclectic and would rather not “name names” since my music doesn’t really sound like my favorites anyhow. Betty Moon is simply…Betty Moon.

In what ways do you feel like who you are as an artist has been a constant?  

I would say I’ve always been a bit punk rock in attitude, wrapped up in a fashion-forward presentation. I love who I am, and most would probably say I’ve stuck with my style and approach for most of my career. I’ll evolve in many ways with musical style, skill sets, business and fashion sense, but I’ll always be unmistakably my own style and brand which is very Betty Moon.

And in what ways have you evolved as an artist?

I’ve leaned more towards a business mindset and way of life, especially over the past 10 years. Perhaps before that I was focused on just being the artist, making albums, touring, gigging and being seen. Now I see that being behind the boards and working on different ways to monetize my music is a better fit for where I am these days. Everything is leveled up, but focused in areas that best serve me.

How do you get into the creative process in order to write music?

Work on music daily, even if it’s playing guitar for 15 minutes, going to a show, editing some music etc. Sometimes the best stuff comes out when you aren’t determined to make it. Making a deadline also helps, especially if you are determined to finish an album or single.

Do you ever feel artistically stuck?  If so, what helps you get out of that place?

Absolutely, that’s just part of being a true artist and can be frustrating for sure. I find that taking a vacation, going on a hike, working out or just doing something casual outside of music helps get you back on track. I think people put pressure on themselves to deliver, but taking a step back to relax frees up the creative senses. 

Is there a story you can share about a disappointment that later turned out to be a necessary experience?

I once had a massive license on the table for a big movie, and ultimately it didn’t pan out. I think because my expectations were not met, I was super disappointed. I learned that nothing is guaranteed until something is inked and cash is in the bank haha. So many great things happened after that as well, so if one thing doesn’t pan out you just keep working until the good stuff does. Peaks and valleys! 

What is your motivation for creating and performing?

The great thing about writing songs is that you get to express yourself in a way that you don’t in relationships. You get go vent, seek revenge, become self-deprecating and still sound empowered, address your thoughts purely and make shit up. So yes I would say that its therapeutic as well as truly a great way to just express your thoughts whatever they may be and it feels like a gift when it comes together nicely.

As a woman, how do you navigate a world and an industry known for being biased, sexist, prejudice, and more?

I think setting great examples of Women finding success and power in music is important. From doing great interviews like this (thank you again) to learning about a Woman taking a lead executive role at a record company, it all adds up to equality. I think it’s important when the news uncovers and talks about bias issues with Women as well, it helps communities and industries rally together to prevent further issues. 

What advice would you give to fellow artists that feel discouraged both creatively and career-wise?

Ask someone more successful than yourself for advice. Use their mistakes to avoid more on your end. Go to big industry network events as well to learn and listen to keynotes. Executives, producers and other successful people in music love to tell stories and dish out solid advice. You just need to seek it out.

Have you seen any interesting films lately?  If so, what were they? 

Yeah I watched The Aviator for the twentieth time and I saw My Left Foot again. I also caught Natural Born Killers again which was just on. 

What’s your favorite book/author? 

I’ve been into Neil Gaimon lately but I’d have to say Charles Bukowski. 

What do you hope for yourself in the future?

To further grow my company (Evolver Music, Inc.) and give back to the industry any and every way possible. It’s been really good to me, and I want to create more opportunities for my team and others.

What do you hope for this world right now and in the future?

That we can all chill out, enjoy the ride and stop bickering about stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter. We are all here for a finite amount of time, so be excellent to one another.

To learn more about Betty Moon, please go to her musical website and her business website Evolver Music.

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