Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson is a singer songwriter based out of the San Fransisco area.  She will release her LP Paint The Sky on March 1st of this year.  Her voice falls somewhere in the realm of Diana Krall, Sara Gazarek, Norah Jones, Renee Olstead, Stacey Kent, and Melody Gardot.  One hears a lot of Jazz in her voice.  But there is also a lot of musical theater, folk, and singer songwriter as well.

Wilson left behind her job in Silicon Valley to follow the incessant inner calling she could not escape from.  Something always pulled her towards making music.  With confidence and directness she sings with passion, excitement, and animation. Subtly she adds inflections and soft riffs.  her lyrical delivery creates a unique musical style. Her voice is versatile.  She sings with soul and softness.   At times for brief moments, she uses her more powerful belting voice.  Each layer of her voice adds surprise and delight.

There’s quite a bit of variety within the album.  Some songs lend themselves to a more blues influenced sound, while others have a more straight ahead jazz feel.  Regardless of the song, this album is a beautiful portrait of Ashley Wilson and who she is as a singer and musician.  I definitely recommend this as a winter download.

Find out more about Wilson on her website. Also find more photos and upcoming events on her Facebook page.

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