William Russell Wallace · “Dirty Soul”

On April 8th, singer songwriter William Russell Wallace will release his debut album Dirty Soul. The ten song project takes the listener on a Rock and Roll Journey. A cohesive sound flows through each track. The entire LP is complete and well executed. There is a simplicity in the harmonies and melodies. Yet, he holds so much truth and vulnerability within his lyrics, it’s a perfect combination. He somehow has an uncanny ability of being straight to the point, but saying all the things that need to be said.

Wilco, The Killers, Modest Mouth, The Postal Service, New Order, and Ben Folds are just some of the names which come to mind when hearing William Russell Wallace. He intertwines, rock with folk, singer songwriter with Americana. His sound is familiar and nostalgic, yet completely relevant, entirely his own, and new.

Though Wallace is the main voice, he is at times accompanied by a female voice. She both sings doubles and harmonies. Her voice only enhances Wallace’s voice while adding a depth, a new perspective, and layer to his songs.

When artists are able to expose their vulnerabilities and flaws, they often create art that deeply speaks to so many. His music certainly speaks to the human condition. While recovering in Rehab, Wallace recorded the majority of his album in his bathroom. It’s astounding how much depth and energy he brings to each song. He is candid, honest, and raw.

His delivery and musical style is one that lends itself to both acoustic songs and tracks with a full band. The whole project is a really great debut album. I look forward to hearing more.

To learn more about Wallace please check out his website. Also, find more info on his Instagram and Twitter pages. Subscribe to videos on his YouTube page.

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