Mark Vickness

Mark Vickness will release his latest single Prince William Sound in April of this year. His exceptional acoustic guitar playing, serenades the soul. Immediately one’s ears are filled with mystery and wonder as the song gradually moves along.

Vickness creates a beautiful and compelling musical landscape. Beautiful harmonics and undertones enhance Prince William Sound as it progresses . Vickness plays with passion and delicateness.  He only embellishes spontaneously, always making you want more.  Though there is a somberness that lingers, there’s also something triumphant and ethereal that comes through as he plays.

Artists that come to mind include Stanley Jordan, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges, Don Ross, Billy McLaughlin, and Alex de Grassi. His roots sound like a composite of Folk, Jazz, Americana, and Pop music.  Merging various genres simultaneously creates a beautiful and compelling melody and harmony.

Its not surprising Prince William Sound would be so interesting and pleasing to the ears. In November of last year, his latest album Places was called “one of the best contemporary guitar records in recent history” by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

To learn more about Mark, please go to his website. Also for more images, check out Instagram. You will find upcoming dates and more on his Facebook Page. Subscribe to videos here.

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