The Grand Undoing

On September 30th, the The Grand Undoing will release his latest 10 song LP entitled, Sparks Rain Down From The Lights of Love.  The record will be released on record lable Secret Candy Rock Records. Seth Goodman is the man behind the moniker The Grand Undoing.  Noted influences include Morrisey and Elvis Costello.  However, other influences can be heard intermixed through his tracks including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, and Joy Divison.  TGU‘s sound is rock, psychedelic-punk, Americana, indie, and singer-songwriter – basically a collection of genres interspersed throughout each tune.


Seth Goodman grew up as an only child which significantly influenced both his human experience as well as his creative perspective. Spending hours listening to records and finding a world within the vinyl he imbibed, Goodman from a young age cherished music.  It’s quite interesting how vastly different the childhood experience can be for only children versus those with siblings. Each is it’s own unique journey but it most certainly contributes to the people we all become.  Thus, it is not unusual for Seth to use his experiences to cultivate his sound. As he partook in the local club scene and listened to college radio, inspiration began to take form in his own very personal songwriting.

Goodman’s music focuses on death and isolation – two components of life each human experiences collectively and quite individually and uniquely at the same time.  Even if the meaning of TGU‘s music is heavy, the songs themselves maintain a triumphant feeling.  Highlights on the album include, “Most of All We Just Go Around“, “Sing Yourself Home“, “Falling Apart“,  “Lady In Gray“, and “Anyway The Wind“.  Truly, every song on the album is unique in it’s own way.


Previous releases include Appeasing The Sick and White Space Flavors and Parties on TV.  I recommend this as a fall download and look forward to hearing more.  Stay up to date on The Grand Undoing’s Website.  Listen to music on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp page.  Find more information on Facebook.  Follow TGU on Twitter and Instagram.  And watch videos on his Youtube channel.