Rich In Love

Afterlife Revival released his latest single, Rich In Love on June 6th.  Within the realm of Americana, folk, rock, and pop his sound is one nostalgic of the 90s.  Neutral Milk Hotel and Beulah  are two of the first bands that come to mind.  Other groups include Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, The Band, and even Tom Petty.

An inscrutable vastness lies like an undercurrent through his song.   There is something inherently lonely, abandoned, mysterious, but also introspective and thoughtful.  Considering Afterlife Revival’s story his music feels like a reflection of his journey.   He traveled the country with his mother in many forms – living like gypsies, living wild and abandoned.  His native American roots also led him and his mother to reservation camps.

The underlying notion behind this song is that of true wealth. Material riches come and go and serve no source of permanence. Though love can also be quite unpredictable, when we find our clan, those we love and who love us back, well there’s nothing quite like it.  It is the meaning of true wealth.  It is unquantifiable.  It is priceless.  Afterlife Revival sings of this truth so well.

I look forward to hearing much more from him in the future.  If you enjoy indie rock, folk, and Americana please give this song a listen.  Subscribe to Afterlife on his Bandcamp page.

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