Mes Alfie

On May 26th, Alfredo Serafini released Hey Super.  It is a layered, beautiful composite of striking melodies, guitar counterparts, gorgeous strings and piano, and exquisite background vocals.  Though his music is described as singer-songwriter, there are classical undertones with components of rock, jazz, and folk.   There are also remnants of Radiohead when listening to Serafini.  His voice is lower than Thom Yorke’s but he sings with a deep and moving force that makes it impossible to not feel meaning and sincerity in his music. 

Serafini is well known in Italy. As he yearned for a wider reach he reconstructed his sound.  This did not mean he sacrificed the integrity of the music or made it modern in the sense of bubble gum pop.  No, he managed to create a sound relevant to the times but also timeless. ​  A highlight on the album is Dear Enemy. It is the type of song that could fit so well in the soundtrack of an indie film.  Poignant, catchy, and beautiful – this song is a masterpiece.

Alfredo Serafini is a true artist in a time where there are a plethora of vapid singles and artists making the top 40.  True music speaks to the soul.  Seafini has the uncanny ability to achieve just this.   I  look forward to hearing more from him and seeing him live someday in the future.  Follow him on Twitter.

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