Revisited – Andy Michaels

Unexpectedly, I turned on Andy Michaels latest album Revisited and heard a sweet melancholic, deeply emotive, and somehow familiar timbre in his breathtaking voice.  Released Jan 2nd of this year, Michael’s latest album is a beautiful composite of songwriting, vocals, and beautifully executed arrangements.

Falling in the realm of Rod Stewart, Don Henley, Paul Young, Joe Crocker, and Peter Gabriel.  Michaels’ sound is nostalgic of the 80s and 90s when hit songs like The Boy’s Of Summer broke on the radio – solid, catchy, and undeniably good tunes that are hard to not sing along to.

They say pain often breeds beauty.  Though not the only source of great creativity, it often forges art forward.  Lying incapacitated at 20 due to an unforeseen and unfortunate accident,  Michaels picked up a guitar and has continued playing ever since.  A poet, and writer in his own rite, he has found his indelible and unique voice and continues to both uplift and serenade our ears and souls with music of a true and honest nature.

Though his music conjures the times of earlier days, it remains poignant and meaningful, relevant and important in our modern times – a good reminder that the times may evolve, perhaps even change but there’s always room for honesty and authenticity, and simply put damn good music.

To hear Revisited check out  Michaels’ Spotify and Soundcloud pages.
You can also find out more about him and his music on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  For videos, please subscribe to his Youtube page.

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