Heather O’Neil – Transmute

If the likes of women artists including Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Fiona Apple, Kate Nash, Ani DiFranco, and Priscilla Ahn hold a special place in your heart, then Heather O’Neil will be a new artist to add to your roster.  Her voice like theirs, is at the centerfold of both the music and words that encompass it.  She sings with a commitment and certainty that very well seeps into every note and melody we hear.  She’s courageous and unapologetically heard – something so many greats have in common.

The Ireland born songstress has a flexible and malleable voice flowing up and down notes with ease and confidence.  Though her roots commenced far from America, she was raised on the outskirts of suburban Chicago.  This dueling background plays an interesting role in her musical composition.  One can hear The Cranberries while also hearing Melissa Etheridge – sweet with an edge, world music with a raw undertone.

To be released in October, this two track project is entitled Transmute.  It may only be made up of two songs, but they provide enough range to make the project a complete and comprehensive look into O’Neil’s musical journey and perspective thus far and her musical aesthetic and inner voice.


It will be quite exciting to see where Heather will venture next.  From this latest project, she is one to see and hear live in order to truly imbibe the quality and magnitude of her voice.  For more about O’Neil check out her website.   To hear more music, listen on her Soundcloud page and purchase her music on iTunes.  For photos, follow her on Instagram.

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