Just as their pictures have a vintage appeal, Plum has a retro and huge rock sound. The Denver based band released “Light Years, Dark Years” on December 7th .  One can hear The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, The Raconteurs, and The Von Bondies.  Extremely tight, Plum sounds like a true and versatile band – good music, worth a thorough and enjoyable listen.


The five song EP features Kyle Miller on vocals and lead guitar.  Jake Supple on vocals, bass, and drums.  Ty Baron plays keys and guitar.  Rodrigo Valdez plays Drums on “Cosmic Vice”.  Each member melds together to create a comprehensive awesome sound.

When music is honest, it’s less important that it be innovative.  In a sense, authentic music is inherently innovative because contrary to popular opinion, it is no easy feat to create.  Nothing on the album sounds like something I haven’t heard before, but nonetheless it sounds really good.

“Light Years, Dark Years” is the first song on the album.  It’s also a highlight. The drums create such a groove it’s hard not to bob your head. The guitar often mimics the vocal melody giving the sound this really comprehensive, fun, and enticing appeal.  The ending of the track only elevates the already high intensity son, to an even new high and it’s completely on point.

Plum is a great listen for those who like and feel nostalgic for The Who, The Beatles, and other 70s rock bands.  I recommend this as a winter download.  It has some truly epic moments.  Listen to Plum here.

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