Joseph Sant

Joseph Sant will release EP “Sea White Salt” on January 14th of next year. His music falls in the indie pop, alternative, folk realm. Coldplay, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, and Elliot Smith come to mind when imbibing his music.  His sound is ambient, elusive, ethereal, dark, inscrutable, and vast. Slow paced and relaxed, Sant’s sound almost evokes a trance like state.

The EP consists of four songs, “Horse at the Beach”, “Sea White Salt”, “Nor’easter”, and “Only the Shock”. Sant’s music moves easily from one song into the next quite seamlessly. One feels as though they’re floating on clouds at dusk amidst a pink and purple sky.  His sound is mysteriously vivid with a voice that is fitting for the music that floats behind him.  Sant has a beautiful range.  Even when he’s singing high there’s something deep and beautiful behind the melody – haunting even.  This quality is present throughout the entire EP.

Every songs fit well together.  The sings don’t have a vast rhythmic beat per song.  “Nor’easter” the single off the EP is also the fastest feeling song on the album. A nice change of pace from the other more laid back tracks that proceed and follow.  Each song has beautiful layers of guitar, simplistic beats, and bass. Sant’s voice is the center of the music and rings loud and true.

The brooklyn based artist recorded the album with Stirling Krusing on harmonica, guitar, and lap steel.  Gabriel Galvin played drums, percussion, guitars, and keyboards. Tyler Graham played drums.  Sant played guitar, bass, and percussion as well. Gabriel Gavin produced the album at a studio in Williamsburg.

It will be exciting to hear a full length album from Sant. In the meantime, listeners are in for a beautiful, enchanting, and smooth indie EP in January.  I recommend this as a winter download. One can stay up to date on Joseph Sant’s website.  Listen to music here and stay connected through Facebook and Twitter.


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