Panic In Eden

LA-based band  Panic In Eden has a sound that sounds like a mixture of The Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles.  Their sound is rock, at times heavy, at other times subdued.  It appeals to the indie rock genre but also contains a more broad essence like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.  Panic In Eden released their latest project In The Company of Vultures on October 28th.


The ten song album has many highlights including “Out For Blood”, “Who’s To Blame”, “White Elephant”, “Shapeshifter”, and “The Waltz”.  When listening to the LP, there is a 90s appeal – a time when alternative rock was often on the radio, in the top 100 charts, and it was good, really good.  It conjures up memories of times when artists like Nirvana had a place in mainstream music.  It’s refreshing to hear a current band playing good music and not just fitting into the subpar standard of pop rock and modern rock as it currently stands now.


This LP is one of juxtaposition, it is at once grungy and uplifting, sad and hopeful, moody and vibrant.  It’s intellectual and subliminal while still being simplistic and unpretentious.  An impressive feat indeed. Panic In Eden, they’re onto something.

I highly recommend this as a fall download. Listen to their latest LP on Soundcloud and find more information on their website.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.  Watch videos on Youtube and like their Facebook page here.

2 thoughts on “Panic In Eden

  1. This is an outstanding new album. They are an exciting new artist combining the sounds of Indie with overtones of Classic Rock. I love it!

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