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Les Bohem will release his first solo project Moved To Duarte on December 9th. The album is divided into four discs.  For moments of deep introspection, or the ache of a broken heart, for moments of nostalgia or bittersweet emotions Bohem is just what the spirit doctor prescribed. A lingering sadness makes his music haunting. Each song feels like it’s own story, it’s own novel really.  He writes with such description, vivid imagery rolls across the mind as if a movie were playing and we’re watching people’s life unfold.

Cover, an album of songs by Les Bohem, produced by Marvin Etzione, 2016

Cover, an album of songs by Les Bohem, produced by Marvin Etzione, 2016

Writing songs covered by the likes of Randy Travis and Emmylou Harris, Les Bohem has been an accomplished songwriter for decades. His music has even been featured in movies and television shows including Revenge Of The Nerds, Shut Eye, and Dante’s Peak.


Moved To Duarte, is both the title of the album and the single off the project as well. It is a beautiful and heart wrenching story. Bohem sings with a deep and tragic sorrow – the kind that feels like defeat.
Been losing money since before 9/11,
Last year Mary had that cancer scare,
Insurance wouldn’t cover all her treatments,
Well the little we had left it all went there,  
What the hell can you do in times like this,
What the hell is that all that there is,
Moving to Duarte case anybody cares,
Moving there to give it one more try,
Mary says we’re going there to find our future there,
but I say we’re just going there to die


Each song is beautiful.  As the album progresses there are many moments of complete beauty and soul.   I hear Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and Neil Young.   For those who revel in the sounds of beautiful solemn folklore, Moved To Duarte is worth a whole thorough listen.


Find out more about Les Bohem on his website.  Stay up to date on his Facebook page. Follow Les Bohem on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Just for the people who live there – it’s Duarte, not Durante. Paul Simon, Dylan, Townes, Neil. That is some tall cotton you put me in. Thanks again, Les

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